Soccer Cleats – Choosing the Best Footwear that Fits your Needs

Soccer is competitive sport that requires you to do lot of running. For this reason, you will want to make sure that you have the best gear that will allow you to succeed on the field. This makes it especially important to select the right soccer cleats that will fit your needs.

There are many factors that you should take into consideration when selecting the right pair of shoes for training and games. Your choice of footwear can depend on comfort, durability, the surface type of the field, or even the weather.

I will further explain below things you should keep in mind when making your decisions.


As I mentioned above, soccer requires you to run a lot. On average, a soccer player runs about 7 miles during a game. This means that you are going to want a pair of cleats that are comfortable to wear. It’s a terrible feeling to buy a new pair of shoes that look cool and realize you can hardly use them because they’re too uncomfortable to play with. I have had experiences where I bought shoes purely on how they look, but they caused my feet to hurt or get blisters all the time.

Also, keep in mind of the shape of your foot. There people that have wide feet and some have narrow feet. Not all styles on the market are going to be ideal for your foot shape. I see this a lot with my brother who has feet that are very wide. He tends to stay away from the laceless cleats because he has a difficult time putting his foot in the shoe.


Unless you have the money, or don’t mind to constantly buy new pairs of shoes, you should also consider how durable the cleats are that you are selecting to buy. You can cause at lot of wear and tear depending on how much you play the game. However, it’s also extremely frustrating when you recently get new shoes and they rip after using them for a short period of time.

Normally leather shoes tend to be more durable but are usually a heavier boot to wear. There are a lot of new synthetic shoes coming out that have also made to be very durable. These shoes tend to be lighter and have also become the more popular style to use.

Surface Type of the Field

The surface type of the field you play on should also be an important factor that you take into account when deciding which soccer cleats to choose. There are three surfaces that you may encounter depending on what you like to play.

The most popular are grass fields. Anyone who has played the game will say that there isn’t a better surface to play on than a beautiful natural grass field. The best cleat type to use for a grass field are firm ground cleats. This style will give you the traction you need so that you don’t slip.

There are also synthetic artificial turf fields that are becoming very common. Before, you would only find turf fields if you played indoor soccer. This is played in an indoor walled up field where the ball can’t go out of bounds. Similar to a hockey arena but with a turf field. This was meant to be a way to keep playing soccer during the winter months when the outdoor fields were covered in snow or puddles or rain. Now, most schools and soccer complexes are installing turf fields because they are cheaper and less work to maintain.

Common types of shoes to use are firm ground cleats and turf shoes for artificial grass fields. Firm ground cleats are still the most popular type of shoes to use, but you will notice that these cleats are more likely to get stuck on the surface or that the ground can fell very hard. In some cases it can even lead to ankle injuries. On the other hand, turf shoes have very small rubber studs that still allow traction on the artificial grass surface.

The last surface type that you can play on is a hard surface. This type of surface is most common for futsal. In futsal, the field is indoors and it’s more like court similar to basketball. You would want to use indoor shoes for the hard surface, although turf shoes would also be helpful as well. Indoor shoes don’t have cleats or studs. This makes them versatile as they can also be used for the gym or every day use.

Weather – Rain

This may not be as common, but rain can also be something to keep in mind when choosing the right pair of shoes. If you usually play on grass fields, and live in an area that gets a lot of rain throughout the year, then the shoe types mentioned above will not be as useful.

The best soccer cleats to use in this case would be soft ground cleats. These cleats have less number of studs so that mud is less likely to get stuck to them. The studs are also longer so that you can have more traction. It is also very common for the studs to be made out of metal that can be removed and attached.

Time to Select your Cleats!

It can be overwhelming to choose the footwear that fits your needs. There are so many styles and options to pick from. However, you will be able to select the right pair soccer cleats by focusing on comfort, durability, and surface type of the field.

Whether you play for a competitive league or for fun on a Sunday league, the type of shoe you select will make all the difference from providing the perfect pass for an assist or scoring the game winning goal.


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